San Antonio/ South Texas CCIM Symposium - Shared screen with speaker view
Garrett Wood
Thank you all! If anyone has any further questions related to the retail market please don't hesitate to call or email me - (512) 712-3657 / gwood@foresitecre.com
Olga Kuznetsova
Great idea to include corporate campuses and owner occupied buildings!! We need to closely watch how companies transition in and out of working from home and their office space needs. Wondering if companies that own their building be more likely to continue to use their space vs ones that lease space?
Yesenia, Transwestern
@ Olga - we've seen corporate owners of office consolidate their back office workers as some transition to work from home and some come back to the built environment, they're noticing redundancies in space and have put assets on the market. It's worth tracking to get a picture of what's happening in the market on a macro level
Yesenia, Transwestern
Love the adaptability, KC!